5 Signs of impending fuel filter damage in your car

We hear over and over again that car filters need to be changed, and we usually resort to changing the air filter or the oil filter associated with the engine. But did you know that there are other filters inside the car and their damage may lead to inconvenience to the driver while driving, most notably the fuel filter?

The regular filter usually gives the car better performance, as it gets rid of impurities inside the fluids to prevent them from reaching the engine. The gasoline filter is very necessary to clean the fuel from unsuitable debris, especially inside cars that run entirely on fuel only, away from electric or hybrid engines.

A clogged gasoline filter will cause the car to stop working and to avoid this, you should pay attention to some signs and signs that indicate the approaching damage to the filter in the car and warn you of the need to change it quickly.

Signs that the fuel filter is about to expire
5 Signs of impending fuel filter damage in your car

Signs that the fuel filter is about to expire

1. Slow engine running

The inability to start the engine quickly, despite the rotation of its parts, is one of the most prominent signs of damage to the fuel filter in the car. Or, in the worst case, dirt and unburnable materials accumulate on the filter, which leads to its blockage, thus impeding the movement of fuel and preventing it from reaching the engine in the required amount.

2. Bad smell from the exhaust

A clogged petrol filter inside the fuel tank is usually associated with a foul smell from the car's exhaust, as experts emphasize. Which requires going to the nearest maintenance center or contacting your mechanic friend to change the filter immediately before exposing the car parts to more malfunctions.

3. Difficulty in responding to the engine

The engine does not respond when pressing the accelerator pedal, or in other words, the car is having difficulty in normal acceleration with its torque lower than before, so know that the problem is the damage to the fuel filter.

4. The sound of the engine running

One of the most prominent signs that indicate damage to the fuel filter in the car is that the engine is louder than the reasonable and normal limit, so the sound inside the car becomes loud and noticeable.

5. Total cessation of work

  • The sudden stop of the engine may mean, in most cases, that the fuel filter is clogged with dirt, and thus the fuel does not reach the combustion chambers. It is also a sign of damage to this filter also when you run the car for a few minutes or seconds before it suddenly stops working.

  • If one of these signs is repeated, there is a very high percentage that the problem is in the fuel filter, and it is necessary to quickly change it before the problem moves to other parts of the car.


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