New Cybertruck Production Update Leaked

The new Cybertruck production update has been leaked and it looks like production is on schedule! The new truck is set to hit the market in 2023 and it looks like it’s going to be a big hit!

In today's article, electronic truck-like things are seen in Giga Texas, Tesla has a new roadside safety program and new repair for frozen door handles and Tesla is in the works on a hiring spree there's a lot to get into this week so let's get going a recent drone flyover at Giga Texas has.

New Cybertruck Production Update Leaked!
New Cybertruck Production Update Leaked!

Cyber trucks at Giga Texas?

  • They captured some images of what appears to be two new Tesla cyber truck bodies they were spotted in an outdoor storage area near the paint shop of the Giga factory.

  • The images from long-time drone documentarian Joe Tegtmeyer very clearly show twin triangular pointed objects the two palettes are wrapped but definitely look like cyber trucks in shipping frames they're convincing enough in their shape to start making guesses Colmar's catalog posted the image on Twitter with the caption.

  • They cover it up so they can't tell what it is tagging Elon Musk and Elon responded with curses foiled again having said does anyone remember last year when we reported on these cyber truck bodies that were spotted at Giga Texas back in July 2021.

  • Those were pretty clearly not cyber trucks but the Tesla news pipeline was full of rumors nonetheless that's just the way this community operates Tesla fans are used to digging for Clues and invoices rooting through Giga factory garbage cans and sifting through drone flyovers to catch glimpses of upcoming production pieces and news people are bound to get a little over-eager from time to time and it hasn't helped that Parts shortages and design issues have kept the Cybertruck.

  • They delayed for a bit and we're getting very impatient that all being said it's definitely not impossible that these are at least parts of some cyber trucks something about the scale seems a little bit off my working theory is that they are just the exoskeleton bodies without a frame or wheels and stuff and that's why do they look on the small side because it's just the body sitting on a pallet.

  • Thy If Tesla finishes designing the body, the next step will be the frame and which requires casting, we know a 9,000-ton gig press is in the process of being delivered to Texas at the moment, Tesla has received one large shipment of goods from Italy but according to the shipping record, there are a few hundred tons From a complete 9000 series light press, one of the key components to finish this pressing will be the die mold into which the liquid metal is pressed.

  • Maybe this is Tesla working on the final specs for this mold, they have the body now and they need to figure out how to back it up because once that mold is cut the design is finished, and talking about another piece of the puzzle is Elon's comments about when the e-trucks will be produced the last word we got It was in July when Elon sat down with Tesla owners in Silicon Valley and while discussing Cyber ​​Truck delays he said he thought production would be. Starting in the middle of next year so what does Tesla need to do this well Looking back to when they were preparing their production line in Giga Texas for a Model y Back in 2021.

Thy we got similar shots of a Model y test body or two that were cruising around the factory just like New truck bodies, they obviously weren't keen on the old y but you can see they are on a similar type of board test body used for a whole bunch of things but they are frequently used to test new production equipment to help calibrate it and ensure everything is in spec for the next production run, so while it's best to refrain from making any definitive claims about what's under those hoods is an e-truck.

Thy surrounding evidence seems to suggest that these packages are part of Tesla's preparations to run the production of e-trucks next year. If we're really lucky, we may soon see some scrap of tire sections from Gig press.

Tesla gets H.E.L.P

Tesla is bringing additional road safety software to their vehicles with a soon-to-come update in a press release emergency Safety Solutions a texas-based road safety company announced that they had partnered with Tesla to bring their Hazard enhanced location protocol technology to Tesla's Vehicles.

The ESS has been working to make roadways safer by improving the systems we have for protecting disabled vehicles on the roadside from getting hit by other drivers a situation that ends up causing more than 15 000 deaths per year in us alone help software does two things.

First, it increases the flash rate of your emergency signals also known as a four-way flash, something the data shows is more eye-catching to other road users than the current flash rate apparently created in 1951 but the most important part of the assistance system is how The software allows vehicles to communicate with any vehicle with assistance We will send digital notifications to incoming drivers using their mobile devices on board provided that incoming drivers also have assistance installed of course so that your vehicle already knows there is an emergency on the horizon before it shows up, which is really cool again.

  • That's assuming both cars had the software in the early days, but it seems a no-brainer for more car manufacturers to start implementing these systems, they can be manually activated or automatically triggered by the airbag sensor or something, the reason why this is a deal With Tesla very exciting, the system is designed to work with self-driving software, and ESS has also indicated that Tesla will add assistance to a range of its vehicles.

  • With a free software update over the air, no date has been confirmed yet, although if you follow for a while, you'll remember that Tesla's problem with autopilot enabled vehicles stored on the roadside to crash even one with its flashing lights It was a huge problem last year.

  • So anything that helps the autopilot to be aware of the situation will be very welcome by everyone, as roadside collisions cause a slew of annual accidental deaths and a lot of Those people who stopped by to help with good safety practices can only help so much but with some technical help we hope to see the horrific 15,000 death rate a year drop that much.

The Frozen Handle Fix

Tesla offers some help to owners in Cold Climates As we prepare to combat the frozen door handle issues that plague us every winter, the new fix is ​​a very clever in-app feature that will unlock the remote knobs that Tesla has rolled out an update to its smartphone application last week with a new unlatched door feature that will help open the door without having to physically touch the button.

The model 3 and Y doors specifically have a pretty bad habit of freezing and getting stuck and making it fairly difficult to get into the car Trevor's page a fellow Canadian who used to run Tesla owners online did a really good job of documenting these troubles a couple of years ago basically.

Thy what happens in some climates is a thin sheet of ice that will entirely coat the vehicle and that makes it nearly impossible to push the button on the outside with the new app Feature you simply tap on your smartphone and the entire door will pop out automatically and that actually looks super handy for a lot of situations but particularly when the whole car is frozen solid in theory that should be enough Force to break through a shell of ice but I guess I'll find out firsthand in a couple of months.

The New Hiring at Tesla

  • Tesla is on a massive hiring spree adding over 6 900 jobs to its career page this week most of the new positions appear to be in engineering Information Technology vehicle service and Manufacturing but overall this surge represents an almost 50 percent hiring increase since June Compares closely to the 7200 hirings Peak back in May just before the freeze so it looks like Tesla is trying to make up for some lost time some of you might remember that back in June.

  • The CEO Elon Musk asked his Executives to pause hiring and cut staff by about 10 percent as he predicted the economy was about to take a downturn he wasn't wrong about that but it hasn't been too long since June so what happened likely this is due at least in part to the passing of the inflation reduction act in the U.S.

  • Tesla has been doing a good amount of shuffling with staff equipment and planning since the law passed getting ready to take advantage of the green energy industry funding this law will provide and that means more hiring apparently which has to sting for the folks that got laid off in June but most of those layoffs ended up being from salaried positions something that Elon viewed as more of an efficiency issue and hourly hiring continued in many of Tesla's facilities, more importantly, the new positions are clearly meant to support Tesla's expected growth musk announced earlier this year.

  • Tesla was going to make a significant effort to improve its services in order to get wait times down they'd need more hires in order to do that Tesla's Energy Systems have been booming this year too with new facilities opening up across the U.S and Australia.

  • The production will soon be starting on the Cyber truck and the Tesla semi Giga Shanghai keeps breaking production records like they're made of glass Tesla's really ramping up in almost every area of their company so, of course, they are going to be hiring when the hiring freeze went into effect Elon predicted that Tesla's headcount would be higher a year later and I don't think anyone will be upset by seeing this start to happen earlier don't forget to give.

That’s all for this production update. Stay tuned for more leaks and updates in the future!


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