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Europe to impose speed limiting technologies on all new cars

Speed ​​limiters are required in all new cars from July 7, 2024

The European Union has imposed a requirement for car companies to install speed-limiting technologies in cars from July 7, 2024.

All new cars sold in the European Union are therefore required by law to be equipped with Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA) speed-limiting technology.

European road with cars showcasing new speed limiting technologies for improved safety

This means that automakers will have to update any vehicles introduced before July 2022, the month in which ISA systems were initially required for newly released models.

Europe to impose speed limiting technologies on all new cars

Although the EU regulation is not enforceable in the UK, carmakers selling their products across the continent have not indicated a desire to offer ISA-free versions to UK consumers since the new model law was adopted two years ago.

So all new cars sold in the EU must by law be equipped with Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA) speed-limiting technology.

As for what these new technologies that the European Union wants to impose are, when the driver does not respond to overriding the system by braking or increasing speed, the car will gradually cut off power and slow down to the maximum automatically.

Integration of speed limiting technology in modern vehicle dashboard

What is ISA speed-limiting technology?

ISA, also known as Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter or Speed ​​Assist, is an advanced vehicle safety system that helps drivers adhere to speed limits.

A front-facing camera or radar is used to detect speed signs on the road and then compare the vehicle's current speed with the specified speed limit.

How does ISA technology work?

The ISA speed-limiting technology that the European Union wants to impose on all cars works like this:

  • Visual alert: If the vehicle speed exceeds the permitted speed limit, a visual alert will appear on the dashboard, such as a flashing light or a warning symbol.

  • Audible Alert: Some ISA systems may issue an audible alert in addition to the visual alert to alert the driver that the speed limit has been exceeded.

  • Throttle Intervention: In some advanced systems, ISA can intervene with the throttle to automatically reduce the vehicle speed if the driver takes no action.

Advantages of ISA technology

  • Improving traffic safety: ISA technology helps reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed, which is one of the main causes of death and injury on the roads.

  • Reduce stress while driving: ISA technology helps reduce stress and anxiety in drivers, especially in areas with variable speed signs.

  • Improve fuel efficiency: Driving at a constant speed within the speed limit can help improve fuel efficiency.

ISA Technical Requirements

  • EU Regulations: From July 2024, ISA technology will be mandatory in all new cars sold in the European Union.

  • Availability in various models: ISA technology is currently available in many car models from different manufacturers, and is becoming more common over time.

Speed ​​limiting techniques in British cars

Although the UK does not automatically adopt EU regulations because they were implemented after Brexit, there is a high likelihood that we will end up with the same frameworks regardless of what the government decides to do.

The main forces will be pressure from the safety testing organization Euro NCAP and manufacturers' demand for common parts to reduce production costs and complexity.

However, the next Labour government is likely to choose a different strategy if it wants to pursue greater alignment with the European Commission, even if the outgoing Conservative government rejects the idea of ​​making the Homeland Security Act mandatory.

Why the EU is imposing speed-limiting technologies

In short, the EU wants to impose ISA speed-limiting technology for safety reasons, and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), the main proponent of ISA standards, claims that this measure will:

  1. 30% reduction in traffic accidents.
  2. 20% reduction in traffic fatalities
  3. By 2050, the European Union wants the number of deaths from road accidents to be zero.

According to some estimates, ISA and other interventions implemented simultaneously such as standard autonomous emergency braking (AEB) could prevent 140,000 serious injuries from traffic accidents by 2038.

The crash test organization Euro NCAP agrees that “more compliance with speed limits will lead to the prevention of accidents and the mitigation of their effects .”

ISA speed limiters in cars

Many new cars already have the equipment to automatically limit their speed.

The car can always know where it is, how fast it is going, and what the speed limit is thanks to a combination of advanced software, satellite navigation, and speed sign recognition cameras.

The engine power can then be limited to prevent it from exceeding these speed limits. It's a kind of intelligent adaptive cruise control that works all the time.

Are ISA speed limiters disabled?

The system can be turned off at this stage of its development, but you will have to deactivate it before each trip. If not, it will automatically activate every time you start the car and drive off.

The system that limits your speed can also be overridden in real time if you press hard enough on the accelerator, for example, to complete an overtaking maneuver.

A variety of tactile, visual, and audible warning signs are likely to be included with the systems to alert you that you are exceeding the speed limit. The exact features of the systems will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Due to the limitations of technology, cars using only sign recognition cameras can become confused in situations where there are no signs, such as slip lanes that connect motorways. When joining the M1, you don't want to be limited to 30mph.

Some signs are subject to deterioration, fading, traffic or weather dependence, and unreadability, such as those during temporary road construction. ISA systems can be turned off for this reason.