Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in Germany in the coming months

Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in Germany 

The Tesla Cybertruck could head to Germany for display this spring, following the automaker's ongoing tour with the electric truck throughout China.

Tesla Cybertruck will arrive in Germany

Tesla began its tour with the Cybertruck across China last week, and X user Andre Fink said on Sunday that the unique electric vehicle is set to come to Stuttgart's Holzgerlingen delivery center, the automaker's largest in Europe.

Fink says the Cybertruck will be on display at the Holzgerlingen site in the spring, without specifying a specific arrival date.

  • Tesla originally opened orders for the Cybertruck across Europe and China, though it stopped taking orders for the vehicle in these regions in May 2022.

  • Regulations vary in both regions, although the overall size and bulkiness of the Cybertruck are generally considered a violation of pedestrian safety standards in each region.

  • In addition, Lars Moravy, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla, highlighted a few months ago that the prominence of stainless steel in the truck is an obstacle to selling the car in Europe since it exceeds what EU regulations allow.

  • "First, the truck market in the United States is huge, and secondly, European regulations call for an outside radius of 3.2 mm on external projections," Moravy explained to Top Gear. "Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a 3.2 mm radius on a stainless steel plate with a 1.4 mm".

  • However, the Cybertruck that will be on display in Germany - and hopefully most of Europe - is likely to be a welcome one for many, even if it can't be made legal to drive.

  • “Even since it began showing in U.S. showrooms, the Cybertruck has drawn large crowds, and Tesla can still use this type of show tour to market the vehicle itself, and its high-tech features not found in other vehicles.”


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