Lincoln Aviator 2025... specifications, design, and updates of the luxury car

The luxury SUV features a new fascia, larger displays, and special packages that include laser-etched interior trim and more.

The 2025 Lincoln Aviator, a luxury SUV that was unveiled early this year 2024, received many updates that increased its elegance and features as well.

The Ford Explorer has a new face, as we have indicated its full specifications, which you can view from here the 2025 Lincoln Aviator will also follow suit and receive new updates, which we will monitor for you in this report through the following lines, so follow us.

Lincoln Aviator 2025

What's new in the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

The 2025 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator SUVs share the Ford platform, including their 400-horsepower powertrain, interior design, and available technology.

However, Lincoln is adding a touch of luxury to its 2025 model year, with multiple appearance packages and new technology systems that set it apart from its less expensive sibling.

2025 Lincoln Aviator design

  • The car's most significant update appears at the front, where the Aviator's face features a larger grille with headlights attached to the upper corners.

  • The facade has been redesigned, with vertically oriented corner openings. This is similar to what the new Ford Explorer has, as it came with a similar idea in terms of designing the front face, but there is one possible difference in that the new Ford car lacks the illuminated grille badge.

  • The same 2025 Lincoln Aviator components found on the outgoing model can be found around the sides and at the back.

  • This is a real facelift, as all external changes are concentrated on the nose.

2025 Lincoln Aviator interior

As for the interior design of the 2025 Lincoln Aviator, there is a similar theme inside, with larger digital screens for the driver and front passenger.

The size of the central screen is 13.2 inches, while the instrument unit measures 12.4 inches. If this sounds familiar, the new Explorer also has a 13.2-inch display, although Ford's digital driver display is slightly smaller, at 12.3 inches.

As for the rest of the interior design, it remained unchanged, but Lincoln added different color combinations with technical names such as   Light Space Gray, Harvest Bronze, and Hot Chocolate.

Technology and development in the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

  • Although visual changes are minimal, technology is the main story of the 2025 Aviator.

  • The Lincoln Digital Experience is offered for the first time, integrating Google and Amazon functionality into the 2025 Lincoln Aviator's infotainment system, allowing native use of apps like Spotify and Google Maps as well as YouTube and built-in web browsers for browsing the web (although Lincoln Motors advises drivers that some of these features are only available when the car is parked or while waiting, so they serve as an entertainment interface for the driver.

  • Also, popular voice command apps like Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa are ready to help the 2025 Lincoln Aviator owner manage everything using voice commands.

Customizable technology in the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

Another tech feature of the new 2025 Lincoln Aviator is that everything is fully customizable at the driver's discretion.

Fortunately, it can still use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay if that's what the driver prefers and doesn't want to use the previous systems available in the car.


Hands-free driving in the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

BlueCruise is also new to the 2025 Lincoln Aviator. Hands-free driving, available on Explorer, comes standard on all 2025 Lincoln Aviator trim levels.

Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 is also standard, providing a wide range of driver-assistance features for the SUV.

This includes features like lane keep assist and a 360-degree camera, as well as more advanced systems like evasive steering assist and reverse brake assist.

Aside from that, Lincoln offers customers a number of black appearance packages and a variety of wheel options.

There's also a Lincoln Black Label invitation theme, available on the larger Navigator. In short, it features unique colors and unique interior details, including laser-etched shapes on the dashboard. You won't find that in Explorer

“With the new Aviator, technology plays an even greater role in helping to create the comfortable, luxurious space our customers have come to appreciate and expect from Lincoln,” Vehicle Director Heidi Shaffer said in a statement. “With advanced, connected features like the Lincoln Digital Experience and BlueCruise hands-free driving technology, we are creating a new digital haven on the road.”

Prices and launch date of the 2025 Lincoln Aviator

  • The luxury 2025 Lincoln Aviator will go on sale later this year, 2024, but of course, a car of such sophistication and luxury will not be cheap.

  • Lincoln revealed that the starting price for the entry-level Aviator Premiere version is $58,495, an increase of $5,155 from last year's 2023.

  • Also, the mid-level Reserve Edition 2025 Lincoln Aviator starts at $67,495, while the range-topping Black Label costs $86,995.

  • The Aviator's price is also close to $100,000 when fully optioned and includes the mandatory $1,395 destination charge.

  • The 2025 Lincoln Aviator is one of the upcoming luxury cars that appear to be very promising, as the company has put in place many improvements and updates to make the car live up to the aspirations of its new owners who are waiting for it. Will you be one of them?


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