Comparison: Acura TLX Type S vs luxury Genesis G70

Two sports sedans characterized by luxury and elegance, the Acura TLX Type S and the Genesis G70 3.3T, are suitable for those looking for luxury cars outside the range of BMW and Mercedes.

You're sure to get more power in a full-throttle Mercedes -AMG C63 S or better handling in a BMW M3 CS.

However, the TLX and G70 aren't as expensive as the Mercedes and BMW, and for thrill-seekers with families, these two vehicles fit well into the luxury sports car segment, with affordable prices, plenty of comfort, and enough performance to thrill the soul.

Acura TLX Type S vs Genesis G70

Acura TLX Type S vs. Genesis G70

  • The Type S badge returns in 2021 with the TLX, but in the meantime, Acura has stuck it on everything from the Integra to the MDX, and the specs are consistent across trims.

  • The TLX's turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 produces 355 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque and is paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox, standard all-wheel drive, and a torque vectoring rear differential. A minor update for 2024 improves the TLX's exterior design.

  • The Genesis G70 has been on sale since 2018, with a major overhaul in 2022 that included a "two-stripe" exterior design language and additional cabin features such as a larger touchscreen.

  • The base engine has been upgraded for 2024 from 2.0 liters to 2.5 liters, but our main tester received no power upgrades this year; The 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 still produces 365 hp and 376 lb-ft, with an eight-speed automatic transmission and optional all-wheel drive.

Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70 price

For its price, the G70 ranks first. Genesis comes in at $51,245 for the rear-wheel drive G70 and $53,345 for all-wheel drive.

The version tested in this report by the editor of the popular website Motor1 costs $58,350 after options.

Acura TLX Type S Price

The TLX Type S is more expensive, starting at $58,195, and quickly increases in price with options.

The as-tested price is $62,477, which includes $600 Urban Gray paint, a $3,440 wheel and tire package, and some accessories.

The Genesis model looks great, too. The copy-and-paste design language from the rest of the range works well on the small sedan, and the quilted Diamond Leather with red stitching in the cabin makes it look even more upscale.

If only it were soundproof enough to block out some of the flying tires and wind noise.

Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70 engine

The G70 's twin-turbocharged engine seems to take precedence over cabin materials.

The 3.3-liter V-6 accelerates quickly, reaching 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds on the rear-wheel drive model (4.9 seconds with all-wheel drive).

When the car is in motion, this engine has plenty of torque and low-end character.

Driving in a Genesis G70

The Sport+ driving mode, introduced for 2022, gives the G70 more aggressiveness at the limit.

This mode turns off traction control, and rev-matching when downshifting, and generally holds gears while cornering. It won't automatically upshift at the redline as the TLX's manual shift mode does.

But even at its most aggressive, the eight-speed isn't quite as quick as the BMW's automatic.

It's slow to downshift when you pull the paddles, and even in full auto mode, it holds on to gears too long before shifting to the next ratio.

When you're moving the car, this engine has plenty of torque and low-end character.

Genesis G70 tires

The G70 isn't quite a monster, thanks in part to questionable standard all-season tires.

At least you have the option of Michelin's excellent Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. And the Genesis' variable-ratio steering, which was added with the 2022 update, leaves something to be desired.

It has a vague on-center feel and slow turn-in, which detract from the enjoyable driving experience. When pushed into a tight corner, the G70 feels playful.

Even in this all-wheel-drive car, there's a distinct rear bias that causes the rear end to swing in more willingly than some other all-wheel-drive options.

The optional limited-slip differential is worth the extra money for the way it carefully distributes power to each wheel.

The standard 13.8-inch front and 13.4-inch rear Brembo brakes bring the car down quickly without having to grip too much.

Even with the electronically controlled dampers at their stiffest, the G70 has plenty of body roll.

Acura TLX Type S engine

However, the TLX Type S doesn't move. The distinctive double-wishbone front suspension hardly makes a mockery of the overall 90-degree slope.

This car is designed to attack corners, which is surprising given that it feels completely anonymous in anything other than the performance-oriented Sport+ driving mode.

The first few miles of Motor 1 in the TLX were downright boring. In normal mode, the exhaust barely comes out.

Pointing to the underbelly of the turbocharged V-6, and aside from a few generous Type S badges stamped into the headrests, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this version and a base TLX with some options.

Acura TLX Type S performance

However, the TLX's dual character adds to its appeal. On the one hand, it's just a TLX, able to drive anonymously on a grocery trip.

However, twisting the drive mode dial twice and holding it for a second will sharpen the throttle response, stiffen the adaptive dampers, and enhance the steering feel.

The 3.0-liter V6 now delivers the power to hit the mark. There's some lag off the line, but it's quickly eliminated when the turbo reaches 15.1 psi on full boost.

A blast of mid-range torque propels the TLX quickly through the first few corners, and power is always available after that initial point of lag; Even the slightest poke on the throttle elicits a response. By the way, the J-Series V-6 runs smoothly at Redline.

If only the engine had a better gearbox to go with it. When you tap the left paddle on the back of the steering wheel, the 10-speed shifts into gear in about a second or two.

If you're in Sport+ mode, there's enough torque at low revs to keep you from downshifting frequently. Otherwise, the gearbox will not be as responsive as the rest of the car.

High mid-range torque propels the TLX through the first few corners, and power is always available after that initial point of lag.

Acura TLX Type S  acceleration

The TLX Type S accelerates to 60 mph in about 5.1 seconds, which isn't great. To its credit, the engine works for 4,201 pounds.

While the G70 may not be lightweight at just over 4,000 pounds, Acura's enhanced V-6 engine has difficulty propelling that amount of weight in comparison to the more robust G70 engine.

The TLX is also unusually wide — 75.2 inches versus the G70's 72.8 inches — which makes you feel like you might go off a cliff on some of the narrower sections of the road.

Acura TLX Type S tires

Pirelli P Zero summer tires, which wrap around gorgeous 20-inch copper wheels in this case, provide an incredible amount of grip.

The tried-and-true Super Handling all-wheel drive system pulls the car out of a corner with just the right amount of force every time. Large 14.3-inch Brembo brakes make stopping easy, too.

The TLX stayed focused throughout about 70 miles. Even on twisty sections of the highway, the Acura remained tight, fast, and sharp — the only drawbacks being a lack of low-end torque and perhaps too much heft. The TLX's aggressive, nose-heavy styling looked great even when covered in a thin layer of desert dust.

Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70 test drive results

The Acura TLX Type S is the car our editor keeps coming back to. “I still have fond memories of the G70 's torque-rich, twin-turbocharged engine, but the Genesis never felt fully capable of navigating 70 miles of twists and turns,” he said.

He continued: “It needed a firmer suspension response in corners, and despite its attractive appearance, the cabin was noisy and harsh.”

As for the Acura TLX Type S, he said: “The Type S badge makes the TLX feel more premium. Even in a car like the MDX, Acura's reborn performance division is focused on providing an enjoyable driving experience. It may lack the makings of an M car or the raw power of an AMG, “But the TLX Type S puts up a good fight, especially considering the price.”

Technology in the Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70

If you miss the technology, Acura still uses the old True Touchpad interface with a small trackpad for on-screen functions.

It gets very difficult when using Apple CarPlay, but the new 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster is at least attractive.

Technology in Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 has many advanced technologies that make it a luxurious and modern car. The most important of which is the infotainment system, which consists of:

  1. 10.25-inch touch screen
  2. Advanced navigation system
  3. Lexicon premium audio system
  4. Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  5. Wireless charging for smartphones

Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70 interior

The interior of any car is what makes you feel elegant and like you own a luxury car. The luxurious cabin comes with a combination of high-quality materials, a distinctive design, and available features.

Genesis G70 cabin

The G70 cabin has a luxurious and elegant design that combines comfort and sophistication. High-quality materials were used throughout the cabin, such as natural leather and luxurious wood. The seats are comfortable and supportive and are available with heating and ventilation options. The steering wheel is covered in leather and equipped with buttons to control various functions.

The car has Nappa leather seats that provide superior comfort and excellent support, and luxurious ebony wood was used in the dashboard and center console, adding a touch of luxury to the cabin.

In addition to a panoramic roof: it allows natural light to enter the cabin, making it more spacious.

A dual-zone automatic ventilation system allows the driver and front passenger to control the air temperature independently.

Acura TLX Type S interior

The Acura TLX Type S cabin has a unique and elegant design that combines sporty performance and sophistication. High-quality materials are used throughout the cabin, such as natural leather and carbon fiber.

The seats are comfortable and supportive and are available with heating and ventilation options, and the steering wheel is covered in leather and equipped with buttons to control various functions.

The car comes with Milano leather seats that provide superior comfort and excellent support, with the use of carbon fiber in the dashboard and center console, which adds a touch of sporty performance to the cabin.

Car driving experiences make you able to determine which cars you can choose from, and this is a comparison that we presented to you after testing the Motor 1 website for the two luxurious Acura TLX Type S and Genesis G70 cars for those looking for elegance and luxury in cars that are less expensive than the famous luxury cars.


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