"Beyond Sports: new Aston Martin Vantage - Unleashing Supercar Power, Performance, and Luxury

This is the new Aston Martin Vantage, a significantly updated two-seater sports car with a significant increase in power, price, and performance.

The new Aston Martin Vantage is more of a supercar than a sports car, as it has 656 horsepower, an increase of 153 horsepower over the old car.

This is the new Aston Martin Vantage, a significantly updated two-seat sports car with a significant increase in power, price, and performance.

Aston Martin Vantage 2024

The new Vantage model, priced at around £165,000, will enter production in the coming months, with the first customer cars arriving in the second quarter of 2024.

The new Vantage has been pushed into the supercar category. The British sports car manufacturer decided to develop it by focusing on the first-class Porsche 911 Turbo S and Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S, instead of the 911 Carrera with which the previous Vantage competed.

In this report, we show you the new Aston Martin Vantage supercar on the road.

Aston Martin Vantage how much horsepower?

The headline figure for the new Aston Martin Vantage is 656bhp, a massive 153bhp increase over the outgoing model's output.

Torque also increased by 116 Newton meters, reaching 800 Newton meters, as a result of significant updates to the current AMG 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

In this case, Aston Martin installed larger turbines with higher boost pressures, reshaped the camshafts, and improved the compression ratio to match.

When speaking to Simon Newton, Aston Martin's Director of Vehicle Performance, he revealed: “We were able to basically define exactly what we wanted with the engine, and it is now a bespoke engine for Vantage .”

Aston had to improve engine cooling by enlarging the front air inlets, increasing the size of the oil cooler, and installing a new duct on the underside of the hood to direct cool air to the turbochargers.

The drive is directed to the rear wheels via a reinforced 8-speed automatic gearbox mounted on the rear axle, coupled with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential.

The gearbox has been recalibrated to shorten shift times and includes a shorter final drive for more power inside the gears. “We liked the gear spacing and felt it was appropriate and suited to the engine, but we livened it up with a shorter final drive, so the speed you get through the gears is much faster,” Simon continued.

How fast is the Aston Martin Vantage?

Aston says the new Vantage is capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds when using the new launch control function.

That's 0.2 of a second faster than before and it's the same limited-run V12 Vantage S engine. Despite the reduction in the final drive ratio, the top speed is now 202 mph, 7 mph higher than before.

Traction control system

To help contain all this new grunt, Aston has created a new Adjustable Traction Control (ATC) system that allows drivers to adjust the level of intervention.

The mid-track mode in this vehicle offers more than just on and off settings. With eight stages of intervention that can be adjusted using a physical rotary switch on the center console, drivers have the flexibility to fine-tune their driving experience. This feature allows for precise control over the vehicle's performance, making it easier to navigate various driving conditions with ease. Whether you prefer a more aggressive or conservative driving style, the mid-track mode can be customized to suit your preferences. Stay in control and optimize your driving experience with this innovative feature.

Aston Martin Vantage: body and chassis

  • Aston Martin has also significantly updated the chassis, starting with the use of a 30mm wider bodywork inspired by the previous V12 S.

  • In addition, the front end was completely redesigned, with Aston replacing the clamshell-style bonnet with a more familiar bonnet and spoiler.

  • In addition, Aston has installed a revised front body member and engine mount, as well as redesigned stiffener plates under both axles.

  • One of the key improvements to the latest model of the Vantage is the increased stiffness of the damper mounting points. This upgrade is designed to enhance the vehicle's ability to transfer power to the ground more effectively. By providing a stable foundation for the suspension system, the stiffer mounting points help optimize performance and handling, allowing the Vantage to make the most of its impressive power output. This adjustment ensures that the car remains firmly planted on the road, resulting in a more dynamic and controlled driving experience.

  • Speaking about the basic handling settings, Simon said: "I came from Lotus and Bentley before that, so it's not only my experience but also my preference to design cars that breathe with the road. But with the Vantage, we wanted to offer that with an extra layer of control ."

Suspension in Aston Martin Vantage

  • The suspension system in the vehicle remains consistent with a double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension featuring coil springs and adaptive dampers. However, recent updates have been made to enhance the performance of the system. The calibration of both the springs and dampers has been fine-tuned to provide a smoother and more responsive driving experience. Additionally, the adaptive dampers now work in conjunction with an advanced integrated vehicle dynamics system, further optimizing the overall suspension performance for improved handling and comfort. These updates ensure a more refined and dynamic driving experience for drivers of this vehicle.

  • Aston Martin claims a 30% increase in rear axle rigidity, as well as improved steering precision, thanks to a new non-isolated steering column. The steering ratio is fixed, but the level of assistance varies depending on the driver's position.

  • Simon Newton takes great pride in the steering system of this car, emphasizing the precision and the exceptional feel it provides on the road. The car was specifically designed and tested on the challenging roads of the UK, known for being some of the toughest in the world. This rigorous testing ensures that the car can handle a variety of road conditions with ease and provides a smooth and reliable driving experience for its drivers.

Wheels and tires

  • The newest addition to the Aston Martin lineup is the 21-inch wheels and tires, which come in three unique designs to suit individual preferences. These wheels have undergone a redesign and are now paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 5S rubber, a specialized tire developed exclusively for Aston Martin vehicles. This premium combination ensures optimal performance and handling for drivers seeking the ultimate driving experience.

Aston Martin Vantage: design and interior

New Aston Martins have the daunting task of living up to one of the most classic cars and beautiful back catalogs of any manufacturer, and the new Vantage is no exception. So, there is no pressure.

The new Vantage maintains the same chassis as its predecessor, the V12 model, but has been revamped to give it a fresh and aggressive appearance. The redesign of the new Vantage focused on making changes from the core structure upwards. This strategic approach has resulted in a visually striking and dynamic vehicle that stands out on the road. The new Vantage combines elements of the classic Aston Martin design with modern innovations to create a truly unique and impressive sports car.

The previous generation car's slim headlights have been replaced by larger vertical units with Matrix LED internals similar to the larger DB12. These surround an enlarged grille and sit more prominently under the hood. In addition to replacing the previous clamshell bonnet, Aston was able to fit more typical front wings with the return of the traditional sidelines.

The side and rear look more familiar, but there are new quad exhaust outlets integrated into the lower bumper and diffuser, which can be specified with carbon fiber as an option. As before, the taillights can be specified with colored or red finishes.

New Vantage interior

The interior has been completely redesigned, with high-quality finishes and Aston Martin's new infotainment system. It shares the same basic architecture as the DB12 but has a separate lower console and door cards.

You can also specify Aston's carbon fiber seats in addition to the standard sports seat design, but the cabin is only a two-seater with only a small bench in the back.

Aston Martin Vantage: price and availability

The new Vantage will go into production in early 2024, with customer deliveries expected in the spring.

Pricing has not yet been set but is expected to start at around £165,000, with a long and expensive options list to allow for extensive customization and price increases.

The Vantage Coupe will be joined by a roadster version in the future, and both will fall under the new DB12 and the future DBS replacement in Aston Martin's front-engined sports car lineup.

Availability of the new Vantage

Aston's mid-engined Valhalla will arrive in the next year or so, while the DBX SUV is expected to receive its own set of updates later this year.

Aston Martin Vantage GTE

After making a surprise appearance at the 24 Hours of Daytona in January, the new Aston Martin Vantage GT3 race car has finally been revealed.

It was revealed alongside its road-going counterpart, but unlike that car, it was heavily modified to compete in the World Endurance Championship.

The previous model was very successful, earning headlines at LeMans, Spa, and Daytona, and Aston Martin believes the new model has the tools to maintain this impressive run of results.

This belief is based on an all-new powerful aerodynamics package aimed at improving the car's braking stability. Power comes from the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine found in the standard car, but due to 'balance of performance' regulations, it's been tuned to 536bhp.

Marco Mattiacci, Aston Martin's global brand president and commercial director, said that unveiling the new Vantage and Vantage GT3 race car at the same time demonstrates the company's commitment to building the best sports car in the world and then proving its capabilities on the track.

The end result is a truly sophisticated GT race car that clearly shares DNA with the latest Vantage road car, while also being perfectly developed to meet the latest GT3 regulations.


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