2024 Ford Puma updates: larger screens, no manual transmission, and a hybrid engine

The 2024 Ford Puma, the smallest SUV in Ford's European lineup, gets a lot of tech and technology.

Ford has unveiled the long-awaited modified version of the 2024 Puma, and it looks no different from expectations.

However, despite the limited exterior updates, the small SUV features a revamped digital cockpit, improved equipment, and a revised lineup.

2024 Ford Puma

The 2024 Ford Puma is a stylish and practical compact crossover. It features a sporty design, a spacious interior, and advanced technologies.

So, in this report, we monitor the most prominent updates that the new car received, its specifications, and other details, so follow us...

What's new in the 2024 Ford Puma

New for the 2024 Ford Puma is that the 1.5-liter ICE internal combustion engine with a manual gearbox, which was previously available in the performance-focused ST model, has been discontinued.

This leaves the 1.0-liter mild-hybrid automatic as the only option, available with three power outputs until the all-electric version is launched later in 2024.

Electric powertrain options

The Puma ST was previously available with a 1.5 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 197 PS (147 kW/200 hp).

The most powerful model is equipped with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder mild-hybrid turbo engine producing up to 168 PS (125 kW / 170 hp), which is mated exclusively to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The rest of the range includes less powerful versions of the same powertrain with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, producing 123 hp (92 kW/125 hp) or 153 hp (114 kW/155 hp), as before.

However, only the less powerful version comes with a six-speed manual, making Pumas with three pedals and a stick increasingly rare after a mid-lifecycle update.

Ford Puma E

Ford's all-electric Puma Gen-E will be available soon, but surprisingly the already confirmed electric version of Ford's smallest SUV has yet to be revealed alongside a facelift.

Instead, Ford has stated that it will follow suit later in 2024, using the Puma Gen-E moniker. Recent spy photos suggest that the zero-emissions model will have a fully covered grille and a slightly different body kit.

Ford didn't go into detail about the specifications, but it's possible that the zero-emissions powertrain will be shared with the E-Transit Courier and E-Tourneo Courier vans, which are also built on Fiesta platforms.

Ford Puma electric motor specifications

  • These light commercial vehicles and vans have a single electric motor producing 134 hp (100 kW/136 hp) and an undisclosed battery pack.

  • While it is unclear whether the Ford Puma Gen-E will get the same performance.

Technology in the 2024 Ford Puma

Starting with the interior, the most significant new upgrade is the replacement of the previous model's free-standing infotainment screen with a larger 12-inch touchscreen that dominates the majority of the center console and includes Ford's latest SYNC 4 system.

The upgraded cabin is complemented by a new 12.8-inch digital instrument cluster, sourced from the Tourneo Courier.

Although built-in 5G Alexa connectivity is a welcome addition, the lack of climate controls won't appeal to everyone.

Finally, the ADAS package has been expanded with new and improved systems, including the addition of Lane Centering and Predictive Speed ​​Assist functions to  Adaptive Cruise Control.

Ford Puma 2024 exterior design

From the outside, the 2024 Ford Puma looks quite familiar, as designers focused their attention on the new LED graphics for the headlights ( optional Dynamic Matrix LED technology ).

Moving the Ford logo inside the revised grille makes the Puma resemble the discontinued Fiesta while maintaining its sporty appearance.

The facelifted version is available in Titanium, ST-Line, ST-Line

All facelifted versions of the Puma will be manufactured at Ford's Ottoman plant in Turkey and sold in European markets.

However, the updated Puma will not be available in Australia because Ford has decided to phase out the ICE-powered crossover in favor of the electric Puma-E, which will debut later this year.

The 2024 Ford Puma is one of the cars that everyone has been waiting for for its strength on the road and its elegant design, especially after the updates it has received.

So tell us, if the car arrives and becomes available in your country, will you like it and want to own it or not?

We have monitored for you the most prominent specifications that Ford revealed about its new Puma 2024 car, and if more information is available, we will certainly inform you of it, and you can browse our website.ORGCars / News Cars For more information about the latest new cars, their specifications, and other reports on maintenance, car breakdowns, etc.


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