Toyota is recalling millions of defective cars for this reason

Toyota recommends that no one sit in the front passenger seat until the repair is complete.

The company announced that Toyota Recalls Successive airbags due to a defect in the airbags, one for Toyota and Lexus 2020-2022 vehicles and the other for Corolla Cross 2022-2023 units.

These processes affect global models, which explains the high numbers.

Toyota is recalling millions of defective cars

Toyota is recalling millions of defective cars for this reason

  • The first recall includes approximately 1 million units consisting of the 2020-2021 Avalon and Avalon Hybrid models; 2020-2022 Camry and Camry Hybrid; 2020-2021 Corolla; 2020-2021 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid; 2020-2021 RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid; And the 2021 Sienna Hybrid.

  • As for Lexus cars, the list includes the 2021 ES250, 2020-2022 ES300H, 2020-2021 ES350, 2020-2021 RX350, and 2020-2021 RX450h.

  • According to the Japanese automaker, the production line could have incorrectly manufactured the occupant classification system (OCS) sensors in the front passenger seat, which could lead to a short circuit.

  • If this happens, the airbag may not deploy, which could pose a life threat in the event of an accident.

  • If OCS sensors are found to be defective, Toyota and Lexus dealers will replace them at no cost.

  • Meanwhile, approximately 12,600 2022-2023 Corolla Cross units may face a similar problem.

  • However, in this case, the front passenger airbag may not deploy due to a manufacturing fault in the dashboard.

  • Again, failure to deploy airbags is as dangerous as the rupture of inflators.

  • It should be noted that the Corolla Cross recall is a follow-up to a previous action taken by the Japanese automaker, as the previous inspection process had deficiencies, and failed to identify units that required treatment.

  • Toyota dealers will re-inspect the defective component through an enhanced process.

  • They will replace the dashboard free of charge if a manufacturing defect is discovered.


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