Tesla is preparing to deliver more Cybertruck trucks to customers

A number of Cybertruck order holders have started receiving "preparing to deliver" emails today, suggesting that Tesla may be rolling out the Cybertrucks to the public a little sooner than we expected.

Tesla held its first Cybertruck delivery event late last month to deliver the first Cybertrucks, though only a small number were delivered that day.

These deliveries appeared to go largely to bigwigs, like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Cybertruck trucks

  • At the time, it wasn't clear when we would start seeing wider public deliveries of the Cybertruck.

  • Maybe it was weeks or maybe months.

  • In the case of the Model 3, for example, Tesla held a large delivery event in July where it mostly delivered the cars to employees, and it took several months before the general public started receiving the cars.

  • But in the past few days, some Cybertruck reservation holders have received emails inviting them to prepare, with several of them being sent “preparing for delivery” emails today and yesterday.

  • Most of these orders appear to be orders for the fully optioned, $120,000, "Foundation Series" limited edition.

  • In the past, Tesla has sold other early, limited-edition versions of many of its vehicles

  • The company discontinued this practice for the Model 3, but it is back again for the truck Cybertruck.


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