Tesla workers have shared sensitive photos of customers recorded by cars

"We can see inside people's garages and their private properties," said a former employee.

Tesla employees have posted videos of naked customers taken with the company's vehicles' cameras.

The former workers related seeing a video of a naked man walking up to his automobile and a fast-moving car striking a child.

Tesla workers have shared sensitive photos

  • Despite Tesla's assurance on its website that it was "designed from the ground up to protect your privacy," the recordings were taken using cameras incorporated into the electric cars to help with driving.

  • Former employees told Reuters that videos of the incidents spread "like wildfire" at Tesla's office in San Mateo, California, via private one-on-one conversations between 2019 and 2020.

  • "Customer Privacy Notice" from Tesla states that "camera recordings remain anonymous and are not associated with you or your vehicle."

  • However, seven former workers told Reuters that the software they used at work may expose the location of the recordings, raising concerns that the Tesla's owner's home address may become public.

  • Another ex-employee claimed, "We can see inside people's garages and their private properties.".

  • It's unclear if Mr. Musk knew the footage existed or if it had been shared.

  • According to a former worker, one of the recordings of a collision in 2021 showed a Tesla car traveling quickly through a neighborhood before striking a child riding a bike.

  • The kid and the bike flew through the air in different directions.

  • Other, quieter clips were uploaded, including funny road signs or pictures of dogs.

Breach of privacy

On occasion, Tesla has taken action against users who post inappropriate photographs on Mattermost's public channels.

Tesla vehicles have been outlawed in several Chinese residential areas and government complexes due to privacy concerns over its cameras.

Musk has not commented on this report yet.

It is Elon Musk's nature to comment on news related to his companies through his official account on the social networking site Twitter.


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