Winter weather severely affects airport operations in the United States

This winter has been tough.

The United States still suffers from winter storms, which disrupted air travel.

This week, more than 15,000 flights have been delayed across the country.

This winter has been particularly strange for parts of the United States, especially the West Coast.

Winter weather severely affects airport operations

  • December brought storms near Christmas, resulting in mass cancellations and a catastrophic collapse of Southwest Airlines' operations.

  • In January, California was hit by heavy rains, which led to flooding across the state.

  • And yesterday, cities throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and even Palm Springs received snow.

  • Since the beginning of the week, more than 17,000 flights have been delayed across the United States, and not just in one region.

  • Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Charlotte, Chicago, and Newark also experienced major disruptions.

  • On Monday, there were 5,828 flight delays.

  • In addition to the nearly 6,000 delays, more than 600 flights have been canceled.

  • Southwest managed to keep the delay rate at just 15%, with a total of 605 flights.

  • United Airlines, which boasted of its operational reliability earlier this year, had the highest rates of delays among major US airlines.

  • Among the big three airlines, 26% of United flights were delayed, and American Airlines and Delta Airlines each had 29%.

  • On Tuesday, airports in the northern United States experienced more disruptions.

  • JFK flights were delayed 41%, Boston 37%, Newark 32%, and LaGuardia 26%.

  • Airports in Texas, California, Washington, and other states were also affected.

  • New York City-based JetBlue struggled Tuesday, delaying 48% of its operations and canceling another 9%.

  • Again, Southwest did a good job of reducing the impact on its operations compared to December, with only 12% more delays.

  • United had the highest delay rate among the big three at 20%, with American and Delta at 19% and 17%, respectively.


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