Tesla introduces a wireless home charger on Investor Day

During its Investor Day presentation earlier this week at the company's Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Tesla teased a wireless home charging solution.

And the excitement was easy to miss, appearing on screen for only a short time during a presentation by Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla's head of global charging infrastructure, about the company's work around charging and its famous supercharger network.

Tesla introduces a wireless home charger on Investor Day

The teaser featured a slide that Tinucci was using at the end of her presentation to remind everyone that Tesla "don't forget to do cool things."

And one side of the slide showed a display of the Tesla Diner which looked like a fun place to hang out while charging your car.

We've known for a while that Tesla intends to set up some supercharging sites in destinations like this where you can also get food and entertainment.

The other side of the slide, though, showed a view of a Model S parked in a garage. Mounted on the wall was a large Tesla-branded charger that we hadn't seen before.

A black cable can be seen coming out from under the charger, but it does not reach the car charging port. Instead, it goes down and across the floor to what appears to be a large wireless charging pad on the bottom of the Model S.

The idea of wireless charging your electric vehicle has been around for a while, but automakers haven't pursued it extensively because it's a viable solution for end users. Some fleet customers are trying to make the technology work for zero-emission buses, and Genesis is also developing a wireless charging solution for its electric vehicles with a company called WiTricity.

If Tesla were to come out with a wireless charger for home use, the Tesla faithful would probably ensure its widespread adoption right away.

The main problem with wireless charging, particularly with larger batteries like those found in electric vehicles, is that charging speeds are relatively slow compared to wired chargers, especially DC fast chargers.

Tesla's tease didn't reveal anything about charging speeds for its solution, but as it came out in my home garage, the speeds are likely lower than the DC fast charger you find in the company's Superchargers and more in line with Level 2 charging speeds.


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