India wants to start manufacturing regional aircraft

The unprecedented growth of the Indian aviation industry has undergone many transformations in recent years.

From the vast reach of Indian airlines and the continuous construction of airports across the country to providing vital facilities for manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing.

It appears that the country is looking to expand its aviation industry further, as it is looking to partner with other global aircraft manufacturers, such as Embraer and Sukhoi.

India wants to start manufacturing

These partnerships come with the aim of producing smaller aircraft locally in India and using these aircraft to enhance connectivity in small and remote cities.

Smaller planes for small towns

  • While it is clear that India is better connected both domestically and internationally than in the past few years, smaller cities within the country are still not able to reap the full benefits of improved connectivity for a variety of reasons.

  • The main factor will be smaller airports with shorter runways, making it difficult for the typical narrow objects from Airbus and Boeing to work with.

  • There are Indian airlines with regional jets, such as IndiGo with ATR 72-600s and SpiceJet with De Havilland Dash-8 Q400 turboprops.

  • And state-owned manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics is in the midst of producing a 19-seater Dornier 228 regional jet for Alliance Air.

  • But the capabilities are still not enough, and this is where Embraer and Sukhoi are likely to come in to build a regional workforce.

  • Although it is currently unclear if any progress has been made with Sukhoi, India's Ministry of Civil Aviation has already concluded initial discussions with Embraer.

  • Besides improving connectivity within smaller cities, the idea of regional expansion of aircraft and more partnerships with manufacturers is part of the Indian government's plan to make air travel more affordable for its citizens residing in each city.


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