Ferrari will launch a new model today

The year 2024 is Ferrari's 85th anniversary.

Less than a week ago, Ferrari announced that it would unveil a mystery model today, March 16, and the Italian brand released a last-minute social media teaser.

The 10-second video doesn't show much, just the famous Ferrari Prancing Horse logo on a silver cap with a red and white flag waving in the wind above it.

Ferrari will launch a new model today

“Are you ready for more?” Ferrari asked in the video, and we can undoubtedly vouch for the overwhelming "yes" as the response.

  • So, what could the mysterious model be? We previously speculated that it could be a convertible version of the Roma coupe, a "Versione Speciale" of the SF90, a new, very limited Icona model, or the successor to the 812.

  • Our best guess is the Roma Spider but, again, those are just predictions.

  • We've known for a long time that Ferrari is working to replace the aging V12-powered 812.

  • The Italian automaker has also been spotted testing SF90 Versione Speciale prototypes around the Fiorano test track in recent months as well.

  • The Icona series, if you remember, already includes Monza SP1, SP2, and Daytona SP3.

  • The identity of LaFerrari's replacement is something we doubt will be made public tomorrow.

  • Sources claim this isn't unexpected until sometime next year.

  • The year 2024 is also Ferrari's 85th anniversary.

  • The teaser that ran just a few days ago showed the new model's steering wheel and left shift knob.

  • But the good news is that all of our questions will be answered today at 3 pm EST or if you're in Europe, 8 pm CET.


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