NHTSA is opening an investigation into the Tesla crash in California

The Tesla driver died immediately after the collision.

The crash of a Tesla car that crashed into a firetruck last Saturday in California prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to scramble for more information.

NHTSA said it contacted Tesla for additional information regarding the collision, according to Reuters, which involved a Tesla Model S, the company's flagship sedan, and a firetruck parked on Interstate 680 in Contra Costa County, California.

NHTSA is opening an investigation into the Tesla crash

According to a message from the Contra Costa Fire Department, a fire engine was blocking the lanes of I-680 while the crew cleaned up the debris from a previous accident.

The Tesla driver crashed into the firetruck because it was stationary. Four firefighters were inside the truck when the Model S collided.

They were treated for minor injuries, but unfortunately, the Tesla driver died.

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Tracy Dater said the fire engine was lit and was parked diagonally across the north aisles to protect first responders.

NHTSA will likely request more information since it currently has a special investigation into crashes in 830,000 Tesla vehicles, which aims to investigate "vehicle accidents with first responders on the either on the road or on the side of it."

In July 2022, the organization upgraded the inquiry to an "engineering analysis," stating that it will "review the technologies and methods used to monitor, assist, and enforce driver participation with a dynamic driving job while Autopilot is in operation."

There is no evidence or indication from the local authorities as to the cause of the accident.

Many media reports immediately blame Tesla's Autopilot system, but police and firefighters have not released any information, nor have they officially named the cause of the accident.

Information about the driver has not been released.


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