Mercedes reveals the cabin of the new E-Class 2023

 The first images give a look at some of the technology coming in the new E-Class later this year.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the interior of its new 2023 E-Class executive saloon, as well as some details about the technology on display, ahead of the car's full reveal later this year.

According to Mercedes CEO Ula Källenius, the new car's infotainment system will be a "precursor to MB.OS," the brand's next-generation infotainment technology.

the new E-Class 2023

The interior design of the Mercedes E-Class 2023

The interior of the new E-Class has been designed around three principles that, according to Mercedes-Benz, are "more software-based and less hardware-based", allowing for further personalization and modernization in the future.

Mercedes has combined functions previously performed by various computers and electronic control units into a single processor, resulting in faster and more responsive infotainment and MBUX displays.

This is critical given the level of technology on board, which will include 5G data connectivity in select markets, allowing for faster-connected services. The system will also support the integration of third-party apps such as TikTok, the Angry Birds game, and the Zoom video calling platform. The latter is possible through a dash-mounted camera that also allows for selfies and video recordings.

A new Superscreen option will be available, which, like the hyper screen system found in other Mercedes models, combines a passenger display, central touchscreen, and digital instrument cluster.

Mercedes adds: “The main symbols on the central and optional passenger displays are now simpler, as well as being color-coded to match the smartphone tiles,” and this makes them easier for the driver to identify.

Voice control feature in the 2023 Mercedes C-Class

  • There's an evolution of the company's "Just Talk" voice control feature, which can now be activated without saying "Hey Mercedes", in addition to the brand's usual luxury functions, such as Energizing Comfort and the new E-Class's digitally controlled air vents.

  • According to Merck, advanced AI technology allows the E-Class to perform routine tasks. To help ease the burden of daily operations, the AI system learns your habits as well as common situations (which you can teach).

  • For example, if the temperature drops below a certain threshold, the car can warm the cabin to a desired temperature, activate a heated seat, and adjust ambient lighting to create a warmer glow inside.

  • Mercedes has confirmed that the new E-Class will be available in European dealerships this summer, so expect a full reveal soon.


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