Lamborghini unveils the last two pure V12 models to say goodbye to the naturally aspirated engines

Lamborghini has revealed its last two naturally aspirated V12 cars, the Invincible and Auténtica.

Lamborghini bids farewell to its stunning naturally aspirated V12 engine, with the latter two fitted into a one-of-a-kind pair that pays homage to one of the great supercar engines.

The Invincible Coupe and Auténtica Roadster are two unique special editions based on the outgoing Aventador and will be the last non-hybrid 12-cylinder Lamborghini as the Italian manufacturer plans to electrify its model lineup in the coming years.

Lamborghini unveils the last two pure V12 models
Lamborghini V12

They won't come cheap, as they are the ultimate examples with V12 combustion only, with reported price tags in excess of £1m.

The latest Lamborghini V12 cars

  • The 6.5-liter V12 engines in both cars produce 769 horsepower and 720 Nm of torque. This is the same Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate, the last production volume of the Lamborghini Aventador factory.

  • Although no performance figures have been confirmed, the one-off coupe and roadster are expected to match the Ultimas's 2.8-second acceleration to 62mph, with the hardtop likely to have a similar top speed of 211mph.

  • It marks the end of the major supercar's 12-year cycle, with the original Aventador debuting in 2011 and being sold in a variety of forms and versions for more than a decade.

  • “The V12 engine is one of the pillars of our history and the success of our brand, and as we usher in a new era of hybridization at the heart of our Cor Tauri strategy, this is Lamborghini’s way of celebrating the naturally aspirated V12 engine with two unique vehicles that represent Perfectly our concept of excellence in customization."

Lamborghini  V12 models

Lamborghini Invencible V12

Finished in scaly red – or Rosso Efesto in black and yellow Auténtica, according to the brand, the Invincible highlights the brand's DNA and represents the culmination of Lamborghini's exclusive accent on personalization, with customers involved in the bespoke vehicle design process.

While both are based on the Aventador, their bodies have been completely reworked and made entirely of carbon fiber.

“We have created two unique cars, each with its own distinct personality, inspired by their racing days and high-octane circuit environment,” said Mitja Burkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini.

While it is possible that both cars have been promised to loyal customers, the price of each has yet to be revealed.

The £350 Aventador Ultimate production starts at £342,000, but this pair is likely to be at least three times more expensive.

The Aventador will be remembered as a great success for Lamborghini, selling 5,000 units in the first five years - more than the total number of Murciélagos ever produced.

Customers had purchased nearly 10,000 examples by September, more than five times the total production run of the Countach (1,983) and nearly four times the production run of the Diablo (2,884).

His replacement will be announced in the coming weeks.

lamborghini v12 price

The upcoming Lamborghini cars

  • Although the name of Lamborghini's next flagship supercar is not yet known, it seems to be continuing the V12 tradition that began with the Miura in 1966.

  • However, as part of its promise to fully hybridize the model range by the end of next year, it will include a small onboard battery and electric motors.

  • Prototypes with quad exhaust outlets and a voltage warning sticker on the wing revealing its hybrid powertrain have already been spotted in the wild.

  • With Lamborghini previously announcing that its first purely electric model wouldn't arrive until around the end of the decade, it looks like the V12 is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Lamborghini v12 vision gt


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