Honda transforms the Integra into a stylish and economical car

Honda is preparing to launch the all-new Integra, which is designed to be a stylish, sophisticated, and fuel-efficient youth vehicle at the same time.

The new car is distinguished from previous Integra cars by a streamlined hatchback coupe structure similar to the structures of the new Civic cars, and a distinctive design of the front and rear lights, and it is also possible to obtain special copies of them equipped with a black roof, whose color harmonizes elegantly with the colors of the exterior structure.

Honda transforms the Integra

From the inside, the car got comfortable leather seats for 5 passengers, a driving interface with a screen opposite the driver and a touch screen in the middle, and the interface was decorated with an elegant chrome grille.

The car was equipped with a unique system to save fuel while driving in cities, a blind spot system to avoid accidents, safety airbags to protect all passengers in emergency situations, advanced light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras, and a cruise control system while traveling.

This car is offered in several versions, a version with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a torque of 182 horsepower, and a version with a two-liter gasoline engine and a torque of 143 horsepower, and copies will be offered with hybrid engines that generate a torque equivalent to 184 and 203 horsepower, and these engines will work with automatic gearboxes and six-speed mechanical boxes.

This car will be available in many markets around the world, at a starting price of 19,300 for regular versions, and prices starting at $24,000 for versions with hybrid engines.


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