Cadillac will unveil three new electric cars in 2023

Cadillac is wasting no time in introducing the all-electric vehicle as it plans to unveil three new electric cars this year, with production starting in 2024, according to Green Car Reports.

Cadillac's global vice president, Ron Harvey, has confirmed that all three electric vehicles will start serial production next year, but it's clearly not that simple.

The identity of these new electric vehicles is still a mystery, but they have been developed as universal models for several markets.

Cadillac will unveil three new electric cars

This means that they will be produced in more than one factory in different regions.

It might not deploy simultaneously.

Equally interesting is that we don't even know the patterns of car designs.

Cadillac already has a crossover with the Lyriq, as well as the super-exclusive, hand-built Celestique flagship sedan.

What we do know is that Cadillac has long featured additional nameplates with the -qi strategy, specifically the Ascendiq, Lumistiq, and Vistiq.

The battery-powered Escalade IQ is still slated for a 2025 release.

We've known since late 2020 about GM's plan to launch 30 new electric cars by 2025, so it makes sense that Cadillac would play a leading role in that.

Our best guess is that at least one of these three new fully electrified vehicles will be similar in size to the XT4 compact crossover, which would be ideal on a global scale.

A three-row SUV is a must in North America, as are full-size SUVs.

The latter could be the Escalade IQ, but it's just a guess.

Production of the $300,000 Celstic is scheduled to begin next December.

Meanwhile, sales of the CT4 and CT5 combustion-engine sedans are up nearly 40%, with the latter enjoying its best sales since its launch in 2020.


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