12 signs to avoid when buying a used car

Many people prefer to buy used cars due to the high prices of new cars.

In this article, we present to you the 12 most important signs that you should pay attention to when buying a used car, in order to get a car with good specifications.

buying a used car
buying a used car

1. Previous accident

A group of signs appears on the car, indicating that it was exposed to a previous accident, especially in the front, so you check it and the main joints of the car's body because although it can be maintained, it will remain fragile.

2. Oil stains on the engine

The second sign is the presence of oil spots on the engine body, where the presence of oil spots on the engine body indicates that the oil level is high and exceeds the recommended limit, and in this case, very high maintenance costs may be required.

3. Engine sound

  • Our third sign is also related to the engine. If you notice a high sound of the engine when the car is running while it is still cold, or if you notice a vibration in the engine body while it is running, then this is another sign indicating the need to be careful in buying this car.

  • It is possible that the engine has been subjected to corrosion of the piston rings and crankshaft alloys, which emits these audible sounds, and causes poor engine performance.

  • Also, hearing a crackling sound in the car engine means that there are problems with the valves of the used car, which is a serious indicator that warns of great weakness in the engine.

4. Exhaust smoke color

  • The fourth sign is one of the important and dangerous signs that must be taken into account when inspecting a used car, even if its price is suitable for you.

  • This sign relates to the color of the exhaust of the car. If it is black, this indicates that the fuel level is high in the combustion chamber, which means that there are major problems in the combustion circuit.

  • As for the blue color, this means that there is an internal leakage in the engine, due to damage to the piston rings.

  • And the intense white color indicates that you will need high costs for engine maintenance due to corrosion of the piston rings, which causes poor engine performance.

5. Is there any maintenance history listed?

Often repair shops report on their work. This is something you should take a look at as it will not only show you damages that may not have been reported in an official accident, but it will also show you the routine maintenance that is being done on the vehicle itself.

6. Does the car have multiple owners?

If the car has gone through multiple owners, it could be a sign of some serious recurring issues. You may not see anything else in the report, but that doesn't mean it's problem-free.

7. Is the title transferred across multiple countries?

It might not seem like a big deal if the car has been moved multiple times across multiple countries, but it is usually a sign of some kind of damage. Often times when a car has had an unreported accident or has some other problem, the owner will try to hide these facts by shipping his car to another country.

8. Have you been damaged by floods or fires?

When a vehicle is in a fire or flood, it does not usually recover from the damage. The main problem occurs inside the engine as it should never be subjected to these types of conditions. The previous owner may have said it was fixed, but no amount of repair can make a car truly safe and free from any costly damage after it's been through something like this.

9. Are there any recalls?

You must ensure that you handle all active vehicle recalls before you drive off, as they may endanger the safety of your family.

10. What is the reported odometer reading?

On older cars, it was common for sellers to reset the car's odometer to reduce the mileage. The vehicle history report will contain the previous reading on the vehicle. So if the reading is lower than it was on the report, you should find something else to buy.

11. Was it stolen before?

The report will also tell you if the car has been stolen in the past, or is still considered stealing. If it has been stolen, you should obviously stay away from it and contact the local authorities.

12. Did it recently fail its emission test?

This only applies to people who live in areas where your vehicle requires an emissions test. If the vehicle was previously listed as having failed its emissions test, this is a sign that you should not purchase the vehicle. This usually indicates that the catalyst has gone bad, which is a very expensive repair that can dry out your wallet.


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