Chery launches a premium car at a competitive price

Chery dealers announced that the company is preparing to launch one of its most beautiful family cars in Russia and some other markets.

Chery launches a premium car

According to the available information, the new car, which will be called the Omoda S5, will be a modified version of the Arrizo 6 pro and will come with excellent specifications and competitive prices.

The new car will have a sedan body with a length of 4 meters and 64 centimeters, a width of 181 cm, a height of 149 cm, and a distance between the axles of the wheels in it is 272 cm. The vehicle will be equipped with upgraded suspension systems that make its movement smoother on rough roads.

The car will be equipped with two rows of seats for 5 passengers, and you will get seat and steering wheel heating systems, a remote engine and lamp start system, satellite positioning systems, a system to maintain stability on turns, a cruise control system while traveling, light and rain sensors, and sensors. Distances and front and back cameras.

The versions of the vehicle that will be launched in Russia will have 1.5-liter petrol engines with a torque of 113 horsepower, and six-speed automatic gearboxes. The prices of these cars start at approximately $18,000.


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