Top 5 features of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus

Samsung announced a few days ago three new phones within the leading (Galaxy S) series, namely: Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and the largest and most expensive Galaxy S23 Ultra in the series, as it offers the best of Samsung’s specifications, such as the rear camera. The main one includes a 200-megapixel sensor, the S Pen, and other powerful features.

But the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus also have many features that make them an affordable option at a lower price than the Ultra version. Below we will explain the 5 most prominent features of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus:

features of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus
Top 5 features of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus

1. Bright screen with a variable refresh rate

  • If you are having trouble seeing the content of the phone clearly in outdoor places where the sunlight is bright, the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus may have the solution, as this duo has a (Dynamic AMOELD 2X) screen with a brightness of 1750 lumens, with an accuracy of 2340 x 1080 pixels, supports a frequency of 120 Hz.

  • A higher refresh rate comes with increased battery drain, and to help guard against this, the phones have support for adaptive refresh rate between 48Hz and 120Hz, ensuring that the screen only raises the refresh rate when needed.

  • This helps avoid faster battery draining while doing simple tasks like reading an e-book or texting your friends. When playing games, for example, the screen automatically increases its refresh rate for a smoother user experience.

2. The versatile triple-camera system

Samsung Galaxy S series phones offer the best camera systems in modern smartphones. For the rear camera, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus include a triple rear camera with a 50-megapixel primary lens with f/1.8 aperture and a second with a 10-megapixel camera with f/2.4 aperture. It is intended for depth photography with a 3x optical zoom, and the third lens comes with a 12-megapixel resolution with an f / 2.2 lens slot, and it is intended for ultra-wide photography at an angle of 120 degrees.

And if you are interested in shooting videos, the rear camera system can capture up to 8K video at 30 frames per second.

With regard to the front camera, it comes with a 12-megapixel resolution with an f / 2.2 lens slot, and it is capable of shooting video with (Auto-HDR) and (HDR10 +) technologies, at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. when shooting a video.

Samsung relies on AI technology to help improve image processing and ensure better camera system performance in low-light photography. In night photography, Samsung says the camera system uses the AI ISP algorithm to highlight subject details.

3. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor specially designed for this series

With the launch of the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung has officially abandoned the use of the Exynos processor in its flagship S series phones in most regions outside the United States, as all models are now powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, but instead of using the standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the Galaxy S23 series phones work Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor specially designed for Galaxy phones. And unlike the standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, it has faster speeds, ensuring better overall performance.

4. Durable exterior design

  • The Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus phones come with a front screen protected by a layer of glass (Gorilla Glass Victus 2), and the two phones also have protection on the back with a glass layer of the same durable type, in addition to the presence of an aluminum metal frame that covers the edges.

  • This additional protection ensures that the phone is kept intact after a drop, as the new glass can withstand drops from a height of two meters on asphalt surfaces, and up to one meter on harder surfaces such as concrete.

  • In addition, the two phones support the IP68 water resistance standard, as they can withstand immersion under a depth of 1.5 meters for up to half an hour.

5. The fastest memory and storage technologies

The two phones have 8GB of RAM paired with three internal storage options: 128, 256, or 512GB for the S23. As for the S23 Plus model, the RAM capacity is 8 GB, paired with two options of internal storage memory: 256 or 512 GB.

Although neither one has 1TB of storage, the two phones use the latest memory and storage technology to make up for that. They both have the fastest LPDDR5X RAM with the latest storage technology, UFS 4.0.


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