Social Media Marketing Vs Email Marketing Which Is Better

The difference between email marketing and social media marketing and how effective email marketing is and share reasons why email marketing is so important!

Is email marketing still important? This is one of the most frequently asked questions with the introduction of other online marketing strategies. the answer? It's a big yes. In this article, we'll discuss why email marketing is so important to your business and your online marketing journey. He shares some reasons why email marketing is compelling and makes a comparison between email marketing and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Vs Email Marketing Which Is Better

is social media marketing better than email marketing

Social media vs email marketing which is better now you might be thinking to wait a minute what about social media actually I have been asked many times if email marketing is kinda dead with social media taking over everything the best way to answer this question is by throwing A look at the information that Twitter and Facebook ask of you before creating an account Yes it is an email address These companies realize that emails are the most direct and reliable way to communicate with their customers.

Even if you sign up with your phone, they will still ask for your email address to help you find friends, password recovery options, and most importantly to send you targeted emails.

All this is from the big social media platforms so they can engage you with the content on their platform and get you to visit their app or website again.

All social media platforms build an email list because they are smart business owners. This helps evaluate them when selling their business. Although social networks are a great way to reach your audience, it is important to keep in mind the appropriate nature of different social networking platforms.

They come and go... Not long ago, we had MySpace, FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Plurk, and countless others. Most of them are either dead today or are irrelevant. Today we have Facebook and Twitter prominent, but not everyone enjoys this platform. Some people prefer Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. Basically, users are everywhere on different platforms.

But studies show that at least 91% of consumers check their email daily. I am not saying that social media is not important. It is, and you should explore every opportunity to reach your audience. However, you should spend more time and effort on something that guarantees higher results. What do the experts say about creating an email list? Don't just take my word for it, read what all the top marketing experts say about email marketing: Of all the channels I've tested as a marketer, email consistently outperforms most.

why is email better than Facebook?

1. Email allows you to segment and targets your customers based on their actions

This helps you make the right offer for each group of clients. Even if the offer is no longer applicable, many clients will save an email in their inbox or folders. It can be customized to be a one-on-one conversation with your client. You can also strategize to offer overlapping materials to customers.

2. as they make different purchases.

Emails are sent to more than 90% of your customers on average. Facebook updates may only reach 2% of your followers across their timeline. Unless you pay, every time Facebook updates its algorithm, your chances of reaching your customers are lower. Only 0.07 percent of your followers interact with your content.

3. Email can be customized to suit you

Unlike social media, there are virtually no limits on what you can write in an email. There is no character limit to 140 characters, and no one looks over your shoulder to see if they agree with your statement. Images, movies, surveys, and links to useful things can be included. other.

4. Email can turn your customers into your best salespeople

Most consumers who receive your emails expect the sales component. When they connect with their friends on social media, they don't always expect or embrace it. If they find your email useful, they will frequently share it with friends or colleagues. 72 percent of consumers say email is their preferred way to communicate with the companies they do business with. 61 percent prefer to receive promotional emails once a week, and 28 percent want them frequently.

5. The email can be a connection to your in-store and online contact

Even while potential customers may not be willing to make a purchase, they may give you their email address if they think they will receive deals, discounts, or even invitations to exclusive events. This can be an effective tactic to engage your employees in your marketing efforts. They can advise clients who do not buy that they will benefit from joining your mailing list. This means that you will get potential value even if the buyer does not buy now.

is social media marketing better than email marketing

The vast majority of marketers promote their products and services using social media and email. Both are effective, and either can lead to excellent results, but which is more effective overall?

If you've ever thought about whether you should spend more time (and money) on social media or email marketing, this article is for you.

Social media has established itself as an important component of the online marketing environment. It's easy to see why: Social media allows you to quickly reach new audiences around the world, potentially spreading in the process.

On the other hand, email marketing has been around for a much longer period of time. On the surface, it may seem less cool than social media. However, if you underestimate the power of email, you may lose a lot. The email is still active and healthy, and it won't go away soon. Email can be, in many ways, more powerful than social media.

What is the distinguishing feature of email marketing on social media?

Why an email list is a non-negotiable asset in online business

You own your own email list Outside of your blog, your email list is the only thing you 100% own. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all owned by other people, so when a change in the algorithm happens and halves your social media reach, you can't do anything about it. Meanwhile, with an email list, everyone on your list is guaranteed to receive everything you send, and those subscribers won't disappear overnight. Imagine what would happen if your entire audience was created on Instagram, and disappeared overnight...? Poof. Everything that followed is gone.

Imagine what would happen if your entire audience was created on Instagram, and disappeared overnight...? Poof. All that followed is gone. Just imagine if today Facebook decided to ban your account of 5 thousand friends, family, and potential customers that you have struggled for years to grow.!Can you stop them..? The answer is no!

Then, if that happens now, what do you think would happen to your business if you didn't have your own email list..? You will not encounter this problem with your email list. as a marketer. Building and growing your email list while producing content means that you will always be in control of what your subscribers see, how often they see it, and most importantly, control over their email addresses. As the saying goes... "the money is on the list." That's why building an email list should be your top priority as an online marketer.


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