The Best Ecommerce Platform in 2025

You required a physical website to run a business before the digital age. As a result, launching a company was often a difficult task. After all, not every potential entrepreneur has the financial means to purchase his own property.

We now inhabit a slightly different planet. The growth of the internet has given birth to a wonderful new economy in which passion and creativity are valued over real estate. Anyone can start their own business in the internet age without having to worry about tangible foot traffic. However, your company requires an address as A physical or "home base". Only this time, instead of a physical storefront, you'll create a virtual one.

E-commerce platforms are the way business owners of all sizes are carving out space for themselves in the new digital landscape. Sellers can forgo restricted sales on Amazon or eBay in favor of an e-commerce site they control with tools like Shopify, Wix, or Square Online. The only issue is.

Selling online has become such a cost-effective and popular way to make money in the digital landscape that everyone wants a part of the action. As a result, many organizations claim to offer the largest e-commerce platform for small business owners today.

How do you know which platform is best for you when there are so many options?

The Best Ecommerce Platform in 2023
The Best E-commerce Platform in 2025

Choosing the Best Small Business E-Commerce Platform

Choosing the best e-commerce platform is like deciding on a physical location for your physical store. There are many factors to consider, from the reputation of the site to the level of support you might expect while launching your company.

The ideal platform for some businesses will be the one that allows them to create something truly unique for their e-commerce store. For example, you may want to use an open-source website builder with an easy-to-use backend where you can play with inventory management, abandoned shopping cart recovery, and many types of web hosting.

On the other hand, if you are new to running an e-commerce business, you may want to forgo the open-source commerce platform in favor of a hosted alternative. These easy-to-use solutions are often less of a challenge for newcomers as they include features like free themes, drag-and-drop customization, and endless product support. Here are some key considerations to help you sort through some of the best achievements we'll discuss below.

Best Ecommerce Website Tools for Small Business Owners

Now that you know some of the features to look for in the tools you use to design your eCommerce website, let's take a look at some of the top contenders in the market. Remember that these are some of the best commodities for small business owners. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are the best option for you.

After all, every company is unique.

1 Shopify

2 Square Online 

3 Wix

4 Squarespace

5 Weebly

6 Ecwid

7 Sellfy

8 Magento

9 WooCommerce

10 BigCommerce

11 Zyro

12 nopCommerce

13 GoDaddy

14 Volusion

15 Big Cartel

16 Shift4Shop

17 EKM

18 X-Cart

1 Shopify 

Shopify's custom e-commerce platform

These days, it's almost hard to discuss e-commerce or online sales without mentioning Shopify. Shopify has some of the most powerful sales features on the market, with a variety of industry-leading cutting-edge tools and a huge app market filled with plugins.

Shopify's custom e-commerce platform is without a doubt one of the greatest solutions out there if you're serious about selling online. Shopify is a SaaS-based platform that aims to help anyone who wants to create an ultimate online store. It has a lot more powerful sales potential compared to Wix and Squarespace, and it also includes a free SSL certificate for protection. You'll have discount codes, 24/7 customer service, and an integrated payment processor. You can also sync your inventory and orders with different sales channels, such as eBay and Amazon. New sales methods are also available, such as dropshipping with plugins.


  • To get started, there is a free trial available.
  • A variety of topics are presented.
  • There are many plugins to choose from.
  • All programs include unlimited items.
  • Integrated Payment Methods
  • Excellent for any type of business plan.


  • Fees can easily accumulate.
  • The blogging platform is very restricted.

2 Square Online

Square Online
Square Online

Do you want to connect online and offline selling strategies to your e-commerce builder? If so, Square Online, Square's website-building platform, is worth investigating. Square will let you build a website for free if you already have a Square Point of Sale system. However, since the store builder is powered by Weebly, you'll have the same limitations in Customization as with your Weebly store.

On the plus side, Square Online, like Weebly's store creation solution, comes with all the ease of use that you might want as a beginner looking to open your own online store. You can start building high-quality stores right away. You also get advanced inventory management because everything is integrated with the Square Point of Sale system. When you sell something online, your inventory is updated in the backend.

Square's store builder also uses artificial intelligence. This means you can get a more advanced experience without spending a lot of money. It's easy to add products and features to your business, and you have nothing to lose by signing up for the free plan.


  • If you already use Square features, this is a great option.
  • Beginners will find it easy to use.
  • A mixture of online sales and offline sales.
  • Premium Inventory Management Software.
  • Excellent for AI design.


  • Customization options are limited, especially when Exit.
  • Payment processing options are limited.

3 Wix


Wix is one of the best solutions for e-commerce companies when it comes to cost-effectiveness and performance. Wix is a platform that gives you complete creative control over your website, even if you are new to developing your online store. Wix's e-commerce plans come with a builder Drag-and-drop store, hundreds of themes, and improved mobile performance, among others.

A variety of payment options and a secure checkout system are available. Plus, with your in-depth store manager capabilities, you can design great product fairs. Another great feature is the ability to calculate global taxes and shipping from your background. Unfortunately, Wix doesn't have many shopping capabilities like Shopify, but that's to be expected from a site that isn't just focused on e-commerce.

Wix isn't the most advanced eCommerce website builder available, but it's a great place to start for beginners.


  • Wide range of high-quality themes to personalize your website

  • Customers can choose from a variety of secure payment options.
  • A large number of applications and plug-ins are available.

  • You can start for nothing

  • There are many coupon and discount alternatives available.


  • The possibilities of e-commerce are limited.
  • There is no way to get your information.
  • It is difficult to add new features because it is not open source.

4 Squarespace


Squarespace is a premium e-commerce platform for businesses that require a great deal of creative freedom. This Wix-like cloud-hosted website builder has some advanced features, including good social networking integration.

Squarespace is a great alternative if you are looking for a way to create a visually appealing business or portfolio online. You can choose from a variety of stylish and modern templates, and you can edit your design at any time. Unfortunately, unlike Shopify, this platform doesn't offer many eCommerce functionalities. On the plus side, any annual package comes with SSL security and a free domain. In any of your plans, you will also enjoy easy mobile payment without transaction costs.


  • Excellent use of social media

  • There are many great templates to choose from.

  • budget-friendly strategies

  • Excellent for people who need customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Annual plans include a free domain.


  • High transaction costs

  • Only Stripe, PayPal, or Apple Pay are accepted as payment methods.

  • There is no app store

5 Weebly


Weebly is still a very up-and-coming service for small business owners today compared to some of the other eCommerce platforms we've reviewed so far. It's perfect for creating an easy-to-use online website. To get started, you don't need a lot of free time or technical expertise. Weebly is also incredibly cost-effective, with low-cost entry-level plans.

However, compared to other e-commerce platforms we've looked at so far, this platform lacks some size. You can't sell on Etsy or Facebook, for example. Customizing the various components of your website, such as the checkout page, is more difficult On the plus side, Weebly comes with many amazing additional capabilities, such as password-protected pages and blogs. Weebly is also ideal for companies that only sell a few things but want to make an impression online.

With this site builder, you can explore a plethora of professional themes. Plus, since Weebly uses Square to run its transactions, you know you're receiving a secure payment system.


  • Easy to use for beginners

  • There are many responsive features to choose from.
  • There are a large number of integrated applications to choose from.

  • Team collaboration and zone membership

  • not too expensive


  • Design possibilities are limited, especially on the checkout page.

  • Not recommended for external sites.

6 Ecwid


Ecwid was created as a powerful online selling platform to help businesses that want to sell their goods anywhere, anytime. You can create an online account for free and keep it for as long as you want without paying anything. Ecwid is ideal for businesses looking for a way to integrate their existing website Social media account or business page. All your stores will be linked and managed from the same dashboard.

Ecwid's cloud-based infrastructure is one of the platform's greatest advantages. This means that it will be hosted for you and will not require any installation. You can also use a plugin to integrate Ecwid into any website, including Drupal, Wix, Joomla, and WordPress. Responsive design that works on any device, automatic language detection, and the ability to add your site to multiple sites, blogs, and social networks simultaneously are just a few of the features. There are no setup or transaction fees. Plus, you have a variety of options for accepting funds securely.


  • Compatible with your current website

  • Free premium options are available at moderate prices.

  • Selling in many markets and social networking sites is one option.

  • You can create a mobile app and submit it to the App Store.

  • Automatic language detection

  • Payment methods are safe and secure.


  • The fees for integrated payments are relatively high.

  • This is not a standalone or e-commerce solution (you need a website)

  • On the cheaper levels, there is no help over the phone or live chat.

  • The background stats are not particularly detailed.

7 Sellfy


For a variety of reasons, Sellfy is a great option for small businesses. First of all, a subscription-based pricing strategy can be a huge help for small businesses. Instead of paying a commission on individual things sold, you simply pay a monthly fee. In return, you'll have your own custom e-commerce store, POD access, and marketing tools built into it.

Let's take a look at these features:

To start, Sellfy allows you to sell a variety of digital products such as e-books, movies, and podcasts. Additionally, Sellfy's storefront can be used to sell tangible items.

Furthermore, Sellfy provides POD printing services. Here you can customize an item using your own wording, design, and branding, and then sell it through your Sellfy store.

It's easy to set up your store. Upload your images, choose the fonts you want, and select the layout. Simply add your items afterward. Sellfy is a simple, easy-to-use mobile website with an integrated shopping cart to make the purchase process easier for customers.

From Sellfy's backend, you can monitor your store's statistics, such as visits, purchases, and conversions. You can also use Sellfy's marketing tools to help you reach more people. Sellfy allows you to share product URLs on social media and offers to sell and track features on YouTube Twitter and Facebook.


  • At no cost, you can create your own custom e-commerce store.
  • POD, digital, and physical products are available for purchase.
  • Marketing and analysis tools are already built in.
  • Stripe wallets, Paypal, and popular digital wallets are just a few of the payment alternatives for customers.


  • The possibilities for integration are limited.

  • You cannot sell digital products with the free package.

  • If your sales exceed the limits of your current plan, you will automatically be converted to a more expensive plan.

  • You can only sell ten things with the free version.

  • Their POD service has limited delivery options outside of Europe.

8 Magento


Magento is a well-known e-commerce platform for established and profitable merchants. This tool is already in use by some of the largest companies in the world to ensure that they can connect with their customers online. Magneto also supports third-party sales platforms such as Amazon! Magneto is free software to download, ideal for generating next-level sales experiences.

Unfortunately, if you want to create something unique and unique using Magento, you will need programming experience or a professional on your team. The good news is that there is a community of Magento experts willing to work with new companies to build the right website.


  • For ultimate control over customization, go to Open Source.

  • Customization options for your platform

  • To work with, there is a great development community.

  • For international sites, this is ideal.

  • Magento Marketplace is adaptable.


  • Useful but difficult

  • Setup costs can be high.

  • You will need to manage your own hosting and payment processors.

9 WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform used by businesses all over the world. It is built on a WordPress content management system, which makes it accessible and easy to use. This is the software that allows the majority of the internet to function. It is easy to get advice and guidance while using WooCommerce to develop your online store because it is built on top of a popular content management system.

WooCommerce, like other WordPress plugins, can be easily integrated into your existing website. The system also includes several useful official extensions that can help you run your website more efficiently. You can, for example, choose from combining a variety of advanced storefront themes and experiment with dropshipping techniques. WooCommerce is incredibly adaptable because it's open-source, but you'll need a bit more technical skills to get started with it.

WooCommerce has built-in blogs and the ability to accept endless orders, unlike many other eCommerce platforms available today.


  • Products and orders are not limited.

  • Include any other features you want.

  • Although you have to pay for your hosting, it is inexpensive.

  • Themes and customization options are plentiful.

  • There are no restrictions on sales.

  • Powered by WordPress.


  • Technical know-how is required.
  • A third-party payment processor is required.

10 BigCommerce


BigCommerce may be the device for you in case you need to construct an internet keep and promote throughout a couple of systems and channels. BigCommerce is a scalable online promoting answer that is good for small groups inside the procedure of expanding. However, because of the complicated capabilities and capability of the device, it may be tough to use.

BigCommerce has a lot of options to try. This means that your software will already include most of the features you need. Unlike Shopify, you don't have to rely on app platforms as much. BigCommerce can help you build your business while keeping expenses low, whether you're selling on Amazon, Instagram, Square, eBay, Facebook, or Pinterest.

BigCommerce offers a wide range of sales features to choose from; Just make sure that you have the experience or talent on your team to help you take advantage of all the benefits that this platform has to offer. You also get access to some excellent SEO tools that will help your site find it on Google.


  • A visual marketing tool is built into the product.

  • There are no transaction costs.

  • Products, storage space, and bandwidth are all unlimited.

  • Options for product ratings and reviews.

  • Choose from a large number of free programs.

  • It is ideal for selling on many platforms.


  • Understanding pricing can be tricky.

  • Setup is more difficult than other tools.

  • Free themes are available in a limited number.

11 Zyro


Zyro is an easy-to-use and engaging website builder with a long history in the industry. Hostinger created the company as a product, which eventually expanded to a new platform. The new, completely standalone website builder includes everything a business needs to get online, with no programming or design experience required.

With a library of excellent designs currently accessible from the Zyro team, you can build a website in minutes. A grid option is also included in the drag-and-drop builder. As a result, you're less likely to have parts that don't line up perfectly.

Zyro works extremely well on all devices, allowing you to provide your customers with the exceptional experience they deserve. If you are having problems creating content for your website, then this AI content creator can help you.


  • Easy to use and adaptable.

  • Builder with a grid that you can drag and drop.

  • Excellent for building websites that load quickly.

  • Content creation by AI.

  • A year of free domain registration.

  • An SSL certificate is available for free.

  • Each premium plan has unlimited storage space.

  • Templates are made by designers with exceptional quality.


  • There are not many options for blogging.

  • There is no direct option for customer assistance.

  • There is no way to change the icon.

  • Design customization options are limited.

12 nopCommerce


Assume that price is the main factor when choosing an eCommerce platform. In this case, nopCommerce could be a perfect fit. It's completely free, completely configurable, and is used by over 60,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide as of this writing.

PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree are just a few of the connections available to add payment alternatives for your online business. Moreover, you're in luck if you're looking to expand. With nopCommerce, you can manage multiple stores with a single install. In other words, You can manage multiple domains and multiple websites from one control panel.

NopCommerce interacts with Google Analytics and offers keyword tags, a configurable URL section, and product pages with SEO-friendly titles right out of the box.

Finally, there are 250,000 web developers in the nopCommerce community.

Overall, nopCommerce is a free, feature-rich e-commerce platform that is a strong contender for small businesses looking to grow. Beginners may find the terminology on the nopCommerce website a bit confusing, which can be a drag for some.


  • If you have some technical experience or are a seasoned web developer, nopCommerce is a good choice.

  • Users can list and modify products indefinitely.

  • it's free.

  • It has a feature that allows you to switch between different stores.

  • Built-in SEO tools are available to users.

  • Since it is open-source, the possibilities for modification are endless.

  • There are many integrations to choose from.


  • Getting great customer service costs a lot of money.

  • Its website is written in less pleasant language than some of its competitors.

  • nopCommerce is not designed for non-technical small business owners. As a result, a higher learning curve may distract you from your core business.

13 GoDaddy:


Finding an easy-to-use eCommerce and website hosting solution is critical for small businesses. You don't have the time to learn how to use a new platform, after all. Furthermore, small businesses rarely have the extra funds needed to hire an expert to join their team.

ADI is a tool developed by GoDaddy to make the process of creating a store as simple as possible. On top of that, it supports a wider range of industries than many of its competitors. You can use GoDaddy to build something fast and easy that's perfect for your specific niche thanks to its built-in AI design. But what you gain in speed you may lose in terms of creative freedom. GoDaddy doesn't offer the most comprehensive set of tools, especially when it comes to blogging.

GoDaddy will provide you with one of the most user-friendly platforms available today at a reasonably cheap price. However, support can be poor in other areas, especially if you are a small organization that is rapidly expanding.


  • It is convenient and easy to use.

  • Design assistance with artificial intelligence.

  • When you need to get online quickly, this is the best option.

  • There is no need to be an expert in coding.

  • Hosting is accessible.


  • There is not a lot of creative freedom.

  • There are not many complicated options.

  • Bloggers lack tools.

14 Volusion


Volusion is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available today. Volusion has everything you need to create the perfect online store, making it ideal for business owners looking for new opportunities. One of its strongest advantages is Volusion's ability to provide in-depth data reports. Your website is in one place.

Volusion can help you grow your company at your own pace. However, several functions are missing from the package. For example, you won't have any options for blogging, which is a big problem if you want to use a CMS to build your marketing plan. On the other hand, Volusion is reasonably priced, starting at $29 per month.

Volusion is ideal for people who want to be innovative and explore new possibilities for future expansion. It is packed with useful tools, including SEO elements that will help you attract more customers online.


  • Built-in SEO tools are available to you.

  • Stripe and PayPal are two examples of payment processing.

  • The product possibilities are endless.

  • CSS modification capabilities.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools.

  • Calculate shipping and VAT automatically.


  • There are not many options for free themes.

  • Only Americans can receive Volusion payments.

  • Each plan includes bandwidth limits.

  • There are no possibilities for blogging.

15 Big cartel

big cartel

Big Cartel is often cited as one of the greatest solutions for large companies trying to create a profitable online presence. This is because getting the most out of the service requires a great level of programming skills. By themselves, the pre-built themes and design possibilities are severely insufficient. This does not exclude the possibility of using this solution for your small business.

Big Cartel is a great option for artists and creative companies, especially if you have or know someone who knows them. There's even a free plan that lets you start selling right away. Big Cartel has everything you need if you're into small-scale selling, like selling one-off artwork.

Even though Big Cartel requires a thorough understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, it's still worth investigating their free pricing plan. Just keep in thoughts that you get what you pay for. There aren't any any running blog functions included no PCI compatibility, and quite a simple layout assistance, to call a few.


  • Small businesses can get a free plan.

  • Custom domains are available.

  • For creative work, this is ideal.

  • It can be used to sell things online and in person.

  • Setup time is minimal.


  • It is necessary to have some coding experience.

  • Payment options are limited (PayPal or Stripe)

  • There are only a few options for themes.

  • No blogging, no PCI compliance, and no advanced support.

16 Shift4Shop


Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) strives to give today's all-in-one e-commerce software to business owners.

Shift4Shop is the solution for you if you want to design, market, and sell from the perfect online store. A variety of shopping cart software and e-commerce purchase buttons are available. There is also a great inventory system that makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their sales and products. Shift4Shop is also great for customization, With the ability to change your appearance at any time.

However, a few aspects of the Shift4Shop experience are missing. For example, while you have unlimited requests, items, and bandwidth, you don't get any mobile app support. Moreover, despite having a large number of apps, SSL technology, and other features, Shift4Shop is not very user-friendly.


  • Flexible solution with lots of customizable options.

  • Even on low-cost plans, there are a plethora of features.

  • Affordability.

  • Offline selling is possible using POS.

  • A 15-day trial is offered.

  • Product availability and bandwidth are both unlimited.


  • When you're a beginner, it's hard to set up.

  • The free themes seem a bit outdated.

There are a few apps available.

17 EKM


In today's e-commerce sector, EKM does not attract as much attention as Shopify or WooCommerce. This does not negate the fact that it deserves your attention. This great tool was created in 2002, making it one of the first platforms to arrive in the UK. The solution has a Shopify-like aesthetic and is packed with unique capabilities. This service is particularly useful for UK merchants, but it is available globally.

EKM is an all-in-one e-commerce platform with everything a small business owner needs to sell online, including a custom domain name and a variety of payment alternatives. There are over 150 themes to choose from, which is great if you enjoy a lot of possibilities. Customization. All options have all the features, including SSL certificates and a free domain name.

The fact that this business is largely concentrated in the UK means that customer assistance is also present in the UK. If you are a global brand, this could be a problem.


  • Your account manager for 3 months will help you create and manage your store.
  • Online positive feedback.
  • Lots of options.
  • Free SSL Certificate and Domain Name.
  • No transaction costs.
  • The products are limitless.
  • Integrate WordPress into your website.


  • The UK is where help is given.

  • All plans are subject to VAT.
  • Prices are not the most affordable in the market.

18 X-Cart


Last but not least, X-Cart promises to be the best open-source e-commerce platform for businesses. Unlike many other paid solutions on the market, X-Cart simply requires a one-time license. Unless you choose a hosted X-Cart solution, there are no monthly fees.

The X-Cart experience is great for small businesses that want to keep prices low. It was created to provide a simple and effective approach to getting started selling online. The software also comes with a free trial that you can use to see if the solution is perfect for you. However, you will need to find a hosting company, as with other open-plan systems.

X-Cart also contains a small set of themes.


  • There is a lot of excellent editing software available.

  • Simple WordPress integration.

  • International sales made easy.

  • Import/export inventory data.

  • SEO features that work.

  • one-time payment.


  • You will have to set up your own web hosting.

  • There are not many options when it comes to features.

  • Additional fees apply for full support.

  • Pricing is not clear.

Choosing the Best Small Business E-Commerce Platform

So, how do you choose the best website builder option for your small business? This totally depends on your requirements. Each of the above 15 possibilities has its own set of advantages to consider. For example, if you're looking for sales-specific features, Shopify's specialty functions are ideal. Squarespace, as well as Volusion, are excellent options if you need a lot of creative control.

Square will give you the tools you need to connect to online and offline retail, and GoDaddy is easy to use. On top of that, Wix is ​​very cost-effective, while BigCommerce has all the features you'll need to succeed in multichannel selling.

What kind of e-commerce platform do you plan to invest in this year?


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